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Listings and Sponsors at TownOOGLE

The TownOOGLE website is intended to be a community resource; a place where visitors can easily gain access to a wealth of information about a community – where to find products and services; what to do and what to see: everything from lunch specials to community fairs.

TownOOGLE is the place to support and build a better community.

Our overall goal is to find a community rep for each community; someone who is passionate about their community; an OOGLER to build with the support of our sponsors; an informative, fresh and accurate online community.

TownOOGLE is a community-friendly site.
All listings and sponsors must meet specific requirements for content that is appropriate to the community and family friendly.

TownOOGLE is a community-driven site.
Our goals and commitments include:
  • To list virtually 100% of all businesses and organizations.
  • To build from the community up to assure accuracy.
  • To not waste our visitors' and members' time by connecting them to empty pages or unrelated content.
  • To promote sponsors in the communities where they do business.
Community sponsors are truly gems of the community, for without their support the TownOOGLE resource would not be available to the community.
Free Listings [2 levels]
  Free Basic Listing
  • Listing in up to nine business categories.
  • Alphabetic listing with Name, Address and Phone Numbers.
  • 75-character description of your products and services.
    Free Non-Profit / Community Service Listings
    Includes benefits of free listing plus:
  • Listing upgraded with bold name.
  • 225-character description of your products/ services.
  • Six-credits to post events on the community calendar and place classifieds.
    Community Sponsors [3 levels]
    Sapphire Sponsors
    Includes benefits of Community Service Listing plus:
  • Listing in color with the Sapphire Sponsor Logo.
  • Link to your personal OOGLE-tails™ page which includes:
    • Your business logo or photo
    • 1500-character description
    • Your business hours
    • Link to your email and website
    • Cross-reference to your business categories
    • Cross-reference to your events and OOGLE-fieds™
  • Rotating display in our sponsor list on all community pages.
  • 12 credits to post events on your community calendar, place classifieds, and display coupons and other business promotions.
  • Sponsor community games to further promote your business.
  • ActTrack™ activity reporting.
  • OOGLE-izer™participation.
    Ruby Sponsors
    Includes benefits of Sapphire Sponsor plus:
  • Upgrade to Ruby Logo.
  • Upgrade to 24 credits.
  • Upgrade OOGLE-tails™ page with up to five sub-pages with links and additional graphics.
    Emerald Sponsors
    Includes benefits of Sapphire Sponsor plus:
  • Upgrade to Emerald Logo.
  • Upgrade to 48 credits.
  • Upgrade OOGLE-tails™ page with industry-specific custom content and features (e.g., menus for restaurants).
    National, State and View Sponsors [3 levels]
    Sponsorship for levels above the community level are only available to Community Sponsors. These sponsorship options will be developed for businesses that serve regional, state or national markets.
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