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About TownOOGLE
TownOOGLE is an ambitious website designed to change how you think about community- based websites. The conception of the design and the function of the website has been over six years in the making.

In the early days, we experimented with many ideas on how to make it work while continually refining the ideas, the function and the business objectives. In the early years, limits on technology would have made what you see before you impossible.

In this early stage, we planned on calling our site VCCA for Virtual Community Centers of America, however as we came to the point of actually developing the site we searched high and low for a name that would be more appropriate, more about towns and communities, and just plain more fun.

As we struggled with the lack of web names available and how so many town related names had nothing to do with towns, but were still taken, we began to look at inventing our own word, our own name.

One day, I guess being in a more creative mood and thinking about the passion of a community rep and of the overall project, the word "ogle" came to mind. While ogling can have some negative connotations, as it relates to unwanted attention, our communities do want the attention and that was exactly what we wanted. Ogle ia a word that is about a passion and "amore" and is a little impertinent. We want to stare and admire, because we are talking about our America; about our home towns; about our neighborhoods and our communities.

So, what word did we create - OOGLE - "Extreme Ogling". So was born our name TownOOGLE and our website A website that is truly about community; a website built by people who live, work and play in their community; a website built by people who are passionate about their community.

The TownOOGLE commitment to our members and our sponsors.
  • To provide meaningful and appropriate content for our visitors
    • No endless clicks only to arrive at empty listings
    • No advertisers that take visitors to unrelated content.

  • To provide members with benefits that keep them coming back.

  • To provide sponsors an opportunity to support communities while promoting their products and services in the local environment.
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